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Most important English Sayings translated to Spanish II

Most important English Sayings translated to Spanish II

Proverbios ingleses más importantes traducidos al español II


English and Spanish cultures share a collection of wise sayings called “proverbs” (or proverbios, in Spanish) that offer advice about how to live your life. Some of them translate almost literally while others change the words but not the meaning.

Here is the second  list of some of the most popular proverbs in English and their Spanish equivalent. You are welcome to contribute with new translations in the comment box below. I hope you enjoy this!

-People who live in glass houses should’t throw stones (Spanish: Ves la paja en el ojo ajeno y no la viga en el propio).

-Don’t bite off more than you can chew (Spanish: Quién mucho abarca poco aprieta).

-To cost an arm and a leg (Spanish: Costar un riñón).

-Easy come, easy go (Spanish: Lo que fácil viene, fácil se va).

-Practice makes perfect (Spanish: La práctica hace al maestro).

-To each his own (Spanish: Cada loco con su tema).

-A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (Spanish: Más vale pájaro en mano que ciento volando).

-Too many cooks spoil the broth (Spanish: Más ayuda el que no estorba).

-Do as I say, not as I do (Spanish: En casa del herrero, cuchillo de palo).

-Out of sight, out of mind (Spanish: Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente).

-The early bird catches the worm (Spanish: A quien madruga, Dios le ayuda).

-It’s in the lap of the Gods (Spanish: Que sea lo que Dios quiera).

-Like water off duck’s back (Spanish: A palabras necias, oídos sordos).

-Kiss and make up (Spanish: Borrón y cuenta nueva).

-By hook or by crook (Spanish: Por las buenas o por las malas).

-All’s well that ends well (Spanish: Bien está lo que bien acaba).

-Between the devil and the deep blue sea (Spanish: Entre la espada y la pared).

-You’re on thin ice (Spanish: Te la estás jugando).

-That’s the straw that broke the camel’s back (Spanish: Ésta es la gota que colma el vaso).

* It is raining cats and dogs (Spanish: llover a cántaros)

* It never rains but it pours (las desgracias nunca vienen solas. Llover sobre mojado)

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