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How to be a Successful Freelance Translator

How to be a Successful Freelance Translator

As I have said many times, specialization is key if you want to be a successful translator. However, that is not enough: you must know how to contact good agencies and end clients, which will pay you promptly and much better.

It takes some training to get acquainted with the best practices. Fortunately you can take practical training at a very low cost (compared to the benefits involved).

If you are an specialized translator, you’ll be able to charge more for your translation or interpreting services. Sooner or later you’ll realize that the best way to promote your services is Linkedin Ads (it has a higher cost per click but you’ll be able to contact a highly professional target) and personal visits to your prospective clients.

These are two courses that may help you get good clients and, therefore, higher rates per word (if you want to learn more just click on the banner):

Recommended Course of the month, by Robert Gebhardt

How to be a Successful Freelance Translator · Click on the Banner to see Special Offer.

Udemy course

This is an introductory course on how to use your language abilities to make a living. You will learn how to work and live on your own terms, so you’ll be able to work on projects of your choosing, and  enjoy both work and your free time.

Este es un curso introductorio que te enseña a usar tus conocimientos lingüísticos para trabajar por ti mismo. Aprenderás a ganarte la vida como te guste, de modo que puedas trabajar en proyectos de tu elección y dispongas de tiempo para tus cosas.

Marketing your translation business is vital for your professional activity. So how should you go about getting prospective clients to know about the services you offer? Well, that’s what you will learn in this course. This course will show you some proven tips on how to attract more clients to your business, make yourself stand out in a crowded marketplace, and apply offline and online marketing strategies to boost your business.

Copywriting – Write Titles Like A Professional Copywriter

Featured Course: Copywriting

If you love writing, then becoming a copywriter sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

But… where do you begin?

The world of copywriting can be a tricky and complex one if you haven’t a clue where to start.

First of all… What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action.

But don’t worry, today’s featured course can help you a lot along the way.

Copywriting – write internet marketing titles like a professional copywriter improve your copywriting & sales fast!

Copywriting – Write Titles Like A Professional Copywriter

Copywriting – Write Titles Like A Professional Copywriter

Write internet marketing titles like a professional copywriter and watch your digital marketing explode – perfect for bloggers who want to improve their blogging.

You Have Just 3 Seconds

To get a customers attention.

That is it.

So how are you going to make those 3 seconds work for you?

Learn How To Get A Potential Clients Attention

Are you struggling to get the attention of potential clients?

Then you have probably lost their attention in the first 3 seconds of contact with your sales and marketing copy.

What if you knew how to get their attention, what if you could communicate that what they are trying to buy is exactly what you are selling?

What if you could turn those 3 valuable seconds into potential client engagement through a deeper understanding of title copywriting.

Amazing course so far I’m just on Lecture 6, but this content is incredible. I can see how I’ve sped through some of these steps in the past, and it may have hurt my business as a result. Excellent content and presentation! ~ J Portia
This Course:

In this course we teach you how to create a marketing mission statement, which also doubles up as a course on writing headlines for your sales copy and SEO.

The deep analysis needed for a mission statement creation, transfers perfectly to headline research and title writing, whether for a blog post, social media post or Udemy course title for example.

Marketing Mission Statements – Your Marketing Foundation

Most business’ struggle to create a clear and concise marketing mission statement that lets potential clients know that they have found the right supplier.

It is the very first step in any marketing strategy for a business.

A marketing mission statement will grab the clients attention in the 3 golden seconds, so knowing how to write a powerful one is extremely important.

Improve Your Marketing Headlines

Many people also struggle with writing compelling marketing headlines that grab customers attention and make their digital marketing have real impact.

Learn how to get their attention by understanding how they think and what you need to communicate to them.

Learn how to focus on what the reader is trying to buy, not on what you are trying to sell and get more sales.

Who Is This Course Suitable For?

This course is suitable for small business owners and entrepreneurs that want to improve their internet marketing.

It is also suitable for internet marketing professionals who want to add value to their own services.

It will also help new bloggers and social media trainers and social media professionals write better headlines for their social content.

It will also help content creators like Udemy instructors create compelling titles for their video courses.

What Is Included In The Course?

The purpose of a marketing mission statement
Why writing a good statement is difficult
Niche client statements
Solving problems rather than selling products
Breaking down problems
Personifying your niche client
How to create a marketing mission statement
A sample marketing mission statement
Marketing headlines
Extended skills
All the concepts needed to understand marketing mission statements and marketing headlines are clearly explained in this course.

Questions people ask that this course answers:

How do I write a good title
How do I write a title for social media
How do I write a title for a web page
How do I write a title for my video course
How do I create marketing headlines that sell
How do I create good marketing headlines
How do I create online marketing headlines
¿Cuáles son los requisitos?

No materials will be needed for this course
You will need a basic understanding of copy writing
You will need a basic grasp of English grammar
¿Qué voy a aprender en este curso?

¡Más de 15 clases y 1.5 horas de contenido!
Write marketing headlines that appeal to potential customers
Understand how to sell what a client is actually trying to buy and write marketing headlines that work
Create compelling marketing mission statements that communicate their business to targeted niche clients
¿A quién está dirigido?

This course is suitable for small business owners and entrepreneurs who create their own marketing copy
This course is also suitable for anyone who works in marketing and wants to understand the psychology of compelling headlines.

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