Pi Network: mining within anyone’s reach.

Here is an interesting and innovative project created by some Stanford University PHDs that is expanding rapidly: π   Network.

First of all, it must be said that Pi network is free inasmuch as you don’t have to pay anything; just download an APP through the guest link that you will see below and simply click on a button once a day. As easy as pie. Then, if you like, you can pass your link on to your friends / acquaintances / followers … At the moment there are over 8 million people mining this new cryptocurrency. The goal is to reach 10 million miners. This is when this currency can gather momentum and be listed in different exchanges. Time will tell. Whether it will be worthless or a small fortune one year from now, it remains to be seen.

What makes Pi great is its ease of mining – anyone can do it.

How to start mining Pi coins?

  1. Click here: I want to mine PI
  2. Use my username: MarcelBCN2020 as your invitation code.

Pi Network is an invitation-only APP created by a group of people who attended different Ivy League colleges. Its goal is to allow anyone with a smartphone to gain access to cryptocurrencies. They are currently in a beta stage, so, if you’d like to be part of it, you’d better get in now! You know… the early bird catches the worm.

We have made some research and it looks like a serious and trustworthy project. So we have downloaded the APP and we are already mining Pi coins! You just have to click a button daily and you earn Pi coins. If you invite more people later, the mining speed increases.

Again: to get your Pi, follow this link:  https://minepi.com/MarcelBCN2020 and use my username (MarcelBCN2020) as your invitation code.

Pi Network (PI) is a digital asset, as of November 2020, with a market cap of $0. In the future it may be worth a fortune or nothing. It remains to be seen. 

Time will tell. Who knows? If you become a millionaire because it turns out to be the new Bitcoin, remember this blog and send me your feedback! Good luck!

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