If we ruled the world: an awesome workshop

The World Game

Last Saturday I was happy enough to attend an amazing workshop in  Barcelona under the wing of IAM, which is an alternative think-tank community exploring the evolution of internet cultures and the future influence of digital technologies.

To be honest, at first I was pretty clueless about the event and how it worked, but since I am really fond of foresight science —or, if you like, futures studies or prospective science— I decided to give it a chance and, in the end, it was far beyond my initial expectations. It was indeed one of the best workshops I have ever attended.

Foresight studies involve critical thinking regarding long-term developments, speculation about future trends and interdisciplinary debates. Forecasting, forward thinking, strategic analysis and networking are key components of this relatively new discipline. In the last decade, scenario methods have become widely used in some European countries in policy-making.

Soon I found out that it was an update of Buckminster Fuller‘s World Game first proposed in 1961 for the era of global finance, statecraft, big data, climate change and mass migration. Fuller was a 20th century inventor and visionary and one of the pioneers of foresight science. His ideas continue to influence new generations of scientists, economists, designers, architects, and artists all over the world working to create a sustainable planet.

The session, organized by Phi Collective, was masterfully conducted by Aliaksandra Smirnova, who managed to boost engagement and creativity —even though it was on a Saturday morning— and turned the workshop into an exciting and inspiring experience.

During the session, participants learned to identify future trends and imagine upcoming scenarios, so that we could figure out possible solutions to tomorrow’s challenges, such as climate change, floods, droughts, climate refugees, housing, logistics, big data…

It is amazing what synergies between people from different disciplines can achieve. It really works wonders! The workshop was very well though-out, implemented in a very productive way , the training material was wonderfully designed, and again,  it was conducted in both an engaging and professional way. This magnificent workshop was designed by Calum Bowden and Aliaksandra Smirnova.

I strongly recommend that all universities, secondary schools, companies, international and government bodies organize the world game. No doubt about it. It is an astonishing, productive and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, It can be applied to many areas and case scenarios. It definitely ranks among the best events I have ever attended.

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