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Getting started as a Financial translator

Take the first steps in a high paid specialty field!

financial translator

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Webinar: Getting started as a financial translator – Financial translation fundamentals

Financial translation is a type of technical translation which involves the conversion of documents, statements, reports, and web content from one language to another. Financial translation is performed by experts with lingistic expertise and a comprehensive grasp of the unique terminology used in this field of specialization. It is an added value and well remunerated job. So this webinar also aims to introduce you to the skills and techniques which you need to understand and translate financial and accounting documents.We will cover the key areas encountered by translators, proofreaders, financiers, economists and journalists and we’ll focus on some general accounting and financial topics that impact all companies, individuals and institutions, as well as specific topics of interest to financial translation.

So, welcome to this interesting and rewarding field of expertise!

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Upcoming webinar: International Financial Reporting Standards

Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera

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Las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera (NIIF) están diseñadas como un lenguaje global común haciendo compatibles y comparables los estados financieros de las empresas a través de fronteras internacionales. Son el resultado de la creciente internacionalización empresarial y son especialmente importantes para las empresas que tienen relaciones con varios países . Están sustituyendo progresivamente la multitud de normas nacionales de contabilidad.

En este webinar abordaremos la traducción y adaptación de la normativa más importante en las finanzas internacionales.
Las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera (NIIF), también conocidas por sus siglas en inglés como IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) son los estándares o normas internacionales en el desarrollo de la actividad contable y financiera internacional. Suponen un impacto enorme en todo tipo de documentación financiera a nivel global, ya que son muchos los países que las han adoptado o las están adoptando.
Estas normas aparecen en un sinfín de traducciones legales y financieras internacionales, y son imprescindibles a la hora de abordar la traducción financiera en su conjunto.

International Financial Reporting Standards

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What is finance?

What is finance?

Traducción financiera
Introduction to financial Translation. Online course

What is financial translation?

What is Financial Translation?

Financial translation is a type of technical translation which involves the conversion of documents, statements, reports, and web content from one language to another. Financial translation is performed by experts with lingistic expertise and a comprehensive grasp of the unique terminology used in this field of specialization.  


By Financial Translator

Translation Project Management

Translation Project Management

By Mr Daniel Marion

Translation Project Management

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Guidelines for managing multilingual translation projects, set in real-life business scenarios.

This course in Translation Project Management (TPM) is designed to train you to become a project manager and/or operations manager with a translation agency, multinational company, or to work as a freelance consultant.

It is an intensive, short course created to provide professional development in managing multilingual translation projects. You are free to work at your own pace so completion time depends on you.

Anyone with keen multi-cultural interests and/or some language skills can benefit from this course in pursuit of employment as a project manager in the translation industry. Although a knowledge of foreign languages, or of a particular language set, is not a pre-condition in applying for project management roles within the industry, the course appeals to persons with language skills and students enrolled in language courses, translation studies, or linguistics.

You will be working on projects in a step-by-step approach; the information you need in order to perform as a translation project manager is contained in the Knowledge Base with forms an integral part of the course; and you will be able to measure your progress through quizzes and other tests, with feedback on your outcomes.

There is no doubt that the translation market is facing a dramatic increase as the figures demonstrate: In 2012 the projections from the “Language Services Market 2012″ report states the industry will reach US $33.5 billion shared by over 26,104 suppliers of translation and interpreting services across the globe; Microsoft alone executes over 1,000 localization projects a year. it is certainly true that project management has lately gained a name in the translation profession due, mainly, to market growth and virtual teams. When translation is subcontracted to teams communicating through the Internet, productivity becomes the focus and it is in the area of planning, tracking, and measuring for volume and quality where project management offers essential tools for translation providers.

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Notification: As long as I’m aware this course was free on the first week for testers, while under construction.

Udemy Wins Best in Class Award at Education Innovation Summit


 Best in Class Award

Wow – it’s been a crazy few weeks at Udemy. Last week was particularly nice; we were invited to a conference in Arizona called the Education Innovation Summit. At the summit were tons of education technology executives such as VC’sBankersReporters, and tons ofEducation Entrepreneurs. It was an outstanding group of people and we were lucky enough to get to give a 7-minute pitch about Udemy!

Our presentation was given to a group of education executives and a panel of judges, who heard over 50 presentations from various companies. Udemy was considered one of the best and was lucky enough to win the Best In Class Award for Social Learning Applications.

This conference came after we’d already been featured on EDUKWEST – a blog run by Kirsten Winkler, an extremely knowledgeable edublogger.


The conference was held at ASU’s beautiful SkySonginnovation center, which is an ASU-sponsored conference and office complex designed specifically to help innovators like us build great education companies.

At the conference, the response to Udemy was fantastic.. The competition was fierce as there were companies that had been around for years, with millions of dollars in revenue, presenting! Yet, the judges liked Udemy (I think) because of the scalability of the product and the innovative nature of our approach to online education.

? ? ? My favourite Udemy Courses 

Following the award, many members of the conference came up and started asking us about Udemy and what we were doing. In fact, one of them was a blogger from and they actually decided to interview me afterwards for their blog! It was great to see such a smart crowd of people find what Udemy was doing interesting. Look forward to continuing to get this kind of support as we move forward!