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What the Fuck in other languages

WTF in other languages

Apologies for the rude subject matter, but I was just curious about the way of saying “What the fuck!?!” in other languages. This post is not aimed at equipping people with more ways of being rude. It is for linguistic and cultural purposes only. If you don’t like reading swears, just don’t read this post. Needless to say, It’s your decision what ends up coming out of your mouth 🙂

(to) Swear means to use profane oaths or language, and whether we like it or not, swears are an intrinsic part of almost any language.

What the Fuck! is an expression of extreme surprise or annoyment said to state that one is in total disbelief or confusion as to what has happened, or what is happening.

So let’s take a look at this world-famous swear in other languages:

What the Fuck in Spanish

In Argentina: ¡¿Qué mierda/carajo…?!(e.g. ¡¿Qué mierda o carajo es eso?!)

In Bolivia: ¡¿Qué carajos…?!

In Chile and Panama: ¡¿Qué chuncha…?! (e.g. ¡¿Qué chuncha quieres?!)

In Colombia: ¡¿Qué putas…?!

In Mexico: ¡¿Qué carajo…?! ¡¿Qué chingados…?!” (e.g. ¡¿Qué chingados es eso?!, ¡¿Pero qué chingados dices?!)

In Peru: ¡¿Qué mierda…?! (e.g. ¡¿Qué mierda es eso?!)

In Spain: ¡¿Qué cojones/leches/pollas/coño…?! (e.g. ¡¿Pero qué coño es esto?!)

What the fuck in Spanish

Resultado de imagen de Que chucha

What the Fuck in Croatian

WTF: Koji kurac?

What the fuck in French

French people will mostly say “houlà”, “putain” or “merde”. In Quebec, some like to use “ouate de phoque” instead.

Resultado de imagen de ouate de phoque

What the fuck in German

WTF: Was zum Teufel? also Was zu Hölle?

Resultado de imagen de Was zum Teufel?

Resultado de imagen de Was zu Hölle?

What the Fuck in Hungarian

WTF: Mi a fasz (van)

What the Fuck in Italian

WTF: che cavolo; che cazzo

What the Fuck in Japanese

WTF: 一体なんだよ?

What the fuck in Polish

WTF: Co kurwa?

What the Fuck in Portuguese

WTF: Que porra (in Brazil)

WTF: Que caralho (in Portugal)

Que porra é essa?

Resultado de imagen de que porra e essa

Resultado de imagen de Que porra e essa

 What the Fuck in Romanian