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2 Job offers: Translation Project Manager (London and Edinburgh)



We are seeking an experienced and professional scientific project manager with a background in industry or at the academic/industrial interface.

Our new role as the Wellcome Trust Translational Project Manager requires a strong understanding of the bio-medical sciences to help drive a programme of activities directed at the initial identification and downstream translation of early academic scientific findings.

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Translation and Localisation Manager


As the firm’s first Translation and Localisation Manager, you will be responsible for helping design and build a translation team to support our globalisation efforts. The Translation and Localisation Team will provide services to internal clients including, Sales, Service, Research, Content, Marketing, Legal and Compliance, and others. This is a highly entrepreneurial role which will require you to quickly learn about our business, industry, and writing style.
The Day-to-Day:
  • Manage a new team of translators, including (but not limited to): Sourcing talent, interviewing, hiring, editing, holding 1:1s, coaching, and handling resource allocation to optimise for business needs.
  • Develop and execute tone and language style guides for each country/language we operate in.

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How to be a Successful Freelance Translator

How to be a Successful Freelance Translator

As I said many times, specialization is key if you want to be a successful translator. However, that is not enough: you must know how to contact good agencies and end clients, which will pay you promptly and much better.

It takes some training to get acquainted with the best practices. Fortunately you can take practical training at a very low cost (compared to the benefits involved).

If you are an specialized translator, you’ll be able to charge more for your translation or interpreting services. Sooner or later you’ll realize that the best way to promote your services is Linkedin Ads (it has a higher cost per click but you’ll be able to contact a highly professional target) and personal visits to your prospective clients.

These are two courses that may help you get good clients and, therefore, higher rates per word (if you want to learn more just click on the banner):

Recommended Course of the month, by Robert Gebhardt

How to be a Successful Freelance Translator · Click on the Banner to see Special Offer.

Udemy course

This is an introductory course on how to use your language abilities to make a living. You will learn how to work and live on your own terms, so you’ll be able to work on projects of your choosing, and  enjoy both work and your free time.

Este es un curso introductorio que te enseña a usar tus conocimientos lingüísticos para trabajar por ti mismo. Aprenderás a ganarte la vida como te guste, de modo que puedas trabajar en proyectos de tu elección y dispongas de tiempo para tus cosas.


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Marketing your translation business is vital for your professional activity. So how should you go about getting prospective clients to know about the services you offer? Well, that’s what you will learn in this course. This course will show you some proven tips on how to attract more clients to your business, make yourself stand out in a crowded marketplace, and apply offline and online marketing strategies to boost your business.

Promocionar tu negocio de traducciones es vital para tu actividad profesional. Pero ¿cómo conseguir que los clientes potenciales conozcan los servicios que ofreces?. Pues bien, esto es lo que aprenderás en este curso. Este curso te enseñará algunas estrategias probadas para atraer más clientes a tu negocio, destacar en un mercado competido, y aplicar estrategias de marketing online y offline para impulsar tu negocio.

What is a back translation?

Back translation definition

In linguistic terms, a back translation refers to the procedure according to which a translator interprets or translates a document previously translated into another language back to the original language. It offers clients additional quality and accuracy assurance for  their most sensitive translations and localization projects.

With a back translation  you can evaluate equivalence of meaning between the source and target documents. A back translation is usually a quite literal translation, so it gives a close approach to the exact meaning of the target language.

The post-back translation phase is called reconciliation, which we will see in the next post.

Translations with highest rates

Highest paid translations

This post is an attempt to answer a question I have been asked on countless occasions, namely, Which are the highest paid specializations in the translation and interpreting professions? I will try to be brief.

translators training

First of all, needless to say, it is essential for a translator to be highly trained in a given field of specialization; and it is highly recommended to train constantly and keep up with updates within such field. Agencies and end clients highly value this trait. Once the translator is feeling confident, it is advisable to start with small translations and from the very beginning to start creating translation memories (preferably, one for each company or client).

Returning to the issue at hand, although much depends on the type of end clients or agencies (and the country in which they are located), the most interesting specializations concerning fees include:

Pharmaceutical Translation: With rates around €0.10, €0.12 or €0.15 /word (approx. $0.18). The interpreters at medical conferences enjoy very good fees, but it is a quite difficult area to access.

translators and interpreters
Pharmaceutical translation

Financial Translation: A senior “in-house” translator working in a large company (e.g., an accounting or asset management agency in Spain), can reach €40,000 ($50.100). If the company is located in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany or the UK, it is not unusual to find that a financial translator’s payroll could reach €80,000 gross ($100.200). A freelance translator, if working with good agencies or end clients could reach around €50,000 annual gross ($63,000). There are very interesting “sub-specialties” – for example: translating asset management or financial software – with rates that can reach €0.20 ($0.25) /word

asset management
Financial translation

traducción económica y financiera

Interpretation in Foreign Trade: In general fees are high, especially if it involves unusual languages. It all depends on what is considered unusual regarding a given location, for example in Spain a Russian translator of my acquaintance specialized in this area may charge up to €100 ($125) /hour.

cursos para traductores online courses for translators

-Software Localization: It is more like a skill, rather than a specialization. It is a skill concerning ICT that every translator can attain. There is no lack of work within the powerful software and video game industry, and a translator on the payroll can earn around 30,000/40,000€ ($40,000) a year.

Sotware localization

Sworn translation: Much depends on the language combination and if the source language is legal, notarial or of academic relevance within the country. But the added value provided by the sworn translator is indisputable, who can charge up to €0.20 ($0.25) /word.

–  Legal translations: The standard rate for certified translations for Federally Certified Court Interpreter and Expert Witness based in the Southern District of New York is $0.25-$0.27 per word. (Thanks Walter!).

legal translations
Sworn translations

The rates and fees depend largely on the nature of a company and the country where it is located, but with this post I am trying to highlight some of the highest paid translation specializations. Lastly, this post is open to your contributions. If you want to share your experiences, please do not hesitate to leave a message.

* Figures in Euros and US dollars.

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          Goethe Institut Online Course

Translations with highest rates:

Spanish version

 Chinese version

By Financial Translator

Traducción e Interpretación en el comercio exterior

Los traductores e intérpretes en el comercio internacional

El comercio internacional o comercio exterior (CEX) genera un gran volumen de documentos, que deben ser redactados, traducidos y adaptados por parte de profesionales especializados. El desconocimiento de este ámbito, genera malas redacciones en inglés y, con demasiada frecuencia, traducciones absurdas difícilmente descifrables. Las agencias de traducción se aseguran de que los traductores, correctores e intérpretes conozcan bien la terminología especializada. Así, es imprescindible familiarizarse con los conceptos y términos del comercio internacional y  con el proceso comercial que implica (desde el exportador al importador, pasando por el transitario, el consignatario, los trámites aduaneros, la documentación, los incoterms…) para lidiar con sus documentos técnicos.

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En el comercio internacional, el intérprete/traductor, se convierte más que nunca en un mediador cultural, y debe tener en cuenta ciertas particularidades que tiene este tipo de interpretación de enlace y la traducción de la documentación comercial y financiera en el ámbito del comercio exterior.

El comercio internacional, parte integrante de la traducción comercial y financiera, no sólo tiene un impacto directo en los documentos mercantiles de empresas del sector y bancos especializados en importación-exportación, sino también en prensa económica, en la traducción de códigos de comercio y en las publicaciones de organismos internacionales como la OMC. También es un ámbito de especial interés para intérpretes, ya que suelen intervenir en negociaciones de comercio exterior.

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Marcel Solé

By Financial Translator
Traducción comercial y financiera

Translation Project Management

Translation Project Management

By Mr Daniel Marion

Translation Project Management

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Guidelines for managing multilingual translation projects, set in real-life business scenarios.

This course in Translation Project Management (TPM) is designed to train you to become a project manager and/or operations manager with a translation agency, multinational company, or to work as a freelance consultant.

It is an intensive, short course created to provide professional development in managing multilingual translation projects. You are free to work at your own pace so completion time depends on you.

Anyone with keen multi-cultural interests and/or some language skills can benefit from this course in pursuit of employment as a project manager in the translation industry. Although a knowledge of foreign languages, or of a particular language set, is not a pre-condition in applying for project management roles within the industry, the course appeals to persons with language skills and students enrolled in language courses, translation studies, or linguistics.

You will be working on projects in a step-by-step approach; the information you need in order to perform as a translation project manager is contained in the Knowledge Base with forms an integral part of the course; and you will be able to measure your progress through quizzes and other tests, with feedback on your outcomes.

There is no doubt that the translation market is facing a dramatic increase as the figures demonstrate: In 2012 the projections from the “Language Services Market 2012″ report states the industry will reach US $33.5 billion shared by over 26,104 suppliers of translation and interpreting services across the globe; Microsoft alone executes over 1,000 localization projects a year. it is certainly true that project management has lately gained a name in the translation profession due, mainly, to market growth and virtual teams. When translation is subcontracted to teams communicating through the Internet, productivity becomes the focus and it is in the area of planning, tracking, and measuring for volume and quality where project management offers essential tools for translation providers.

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Notification: As long as I’m aware this course was free on the first week for testers, while under construction.