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The Great European Disaster BBC film

Will Europe descend into the apocalyptic future presented at the beginning of the film?

The Great European Disaster is a BBC fictional film that explores the hypothetical crisis facing the Europen Union. Directed by the Italian journalist and film-maker Annalisa Piras and the former director of The Economist Bill Emmot, the film doesn’t make a case against the EU, but it warns us about the risks and challenges that are threatening the countries and citizens of the Union.

The action takes place in the near future, when the archeologist Charles Granda explains to an eight years old girl the factors that  led to the collapse of the European Union, such as social inequalty, tax evasion, debt, deflation, xenophobia, austerity, the immense power of the status quo or identity challenges across the continent.

Following six different European individuals and their stories, the director shows the immense positives of a Union that has prevented major wars since the end of the Second World War, but also highlights that it is an organisation in need of major reform.





By Financial Translator