Popular English Sayings about money translated to Spanish II

Sayings, Idioms and Expressions about Money translated to Spanish II

Dichos, Modismos y expresiones sobre el dinero traducidos al español II

An idiom is a sentence or a fixed expression with a figurative or literal meaning. Idioms fall into the category of formulaic language. Many languages have thousands of idioms, and English and Spanish, with around 25,000 idiomatic expressions,  is not an exception.

Here you have the second  list of some of the most popular idioms in English about money and its translation to Spanish . You are welcome to contribute with new idioms, sayings and expressions in the comment box below. I hope you enjoy this!

  • Time is money:  This famous proverb was first coined in a phrase used by Benjamin Franklin in Advice to a Young Tradesman, meaning that one should not waste time that could be used to earn money. Spanish: el tiempo es oro.
  • (to) Live to Hand to mouth:  to have just enough money to live on  without any extra cost. Spanish: tirar de ahorros.
  • (to) be coining it: (also coining money): to be earning a lot of money. Spanish: Estar montado en el dólar
  • Drop a dime: to make a phone call (usually to the police to inform or betray someone) Spanish: Dar el chivatazo.
  • (to) Pinch pennies: to be in a situation in which one is forced to spend as little money as possible. Spanish: contar cada centavo.

  • (to) have money to burn: to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things Spanish: Quemar el dinero. Derrochar.
  • Money for old rope: Money one gets for doing something very easy. Spanish: there is not an exact translation for this expression, but you can use “es pan comido” meaning that something is very easy (Este trabajo es pan comido).
  • (to) be minting it (also minting money): To earn a lot of money quickly. Spanish: saltar la banca
  • (to) be loaded with money: to have a lot of money, to be rich. Spanish: estar cargado de dinero.
  • (to) make a killing: to make a lot of money.  Spanish: ganar mucha pasta / plata.
  • (to) make ends meet: to make enough money to buy or pay what you need to live. Spanish: Llegar a fin de mes.

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