Origin of the word “Coin”

Etymological origin of the word currency

A coin is a flat piece generally made of metal in the shape of a disk, minted by an issuing authority (with the exception of some virtual currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) to prove its legitimacy and value. 

But where does the word coin come from? Needless to say, as so many terms, the word coin derives from Latin cuneus (which meant wedge or mint); then the term passed to Old French coigne (meaning wedge, cornerstone); then to Middle English coyn and finally to modern English coin.

Coin in other languages

Moneda (Spanish)

Coin (English)

Monnaie (French)

Währung (German)

World’s oldest coin

origin of the word
oldest coin in the world
world's oldest coin
Oldest coin in the world: Early 6th-century BC Lydian electrum coin denominated as ​1⁄3 stater (Ephesus, Greece)

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