Mención especial del curso de traducción financiera en el blog de uno de los mayores portales de formación del mundo

El blog de Udemy, portal con más de un millón de estudiantes, ha comentado el curso de traducción financiera en su blog. No todos los cursos consiguen reseñas en este blog, y lo más excepcional es que, siendo un portal estadounidense, destaque un curso impartido en español.

1. Translation

These days, everybody is talking about the global economy. Business increasingly means interaction between different countries, from Russia to China to Mexico and beyond. This global interaction brings many different languages to the tables and companies are increasingly in need of translators.

Though, keep in mind that translation is a pretty specific skill—it’s more than just knowing the language. If you’re interested in becoming a translator, consider taking a course to hone your skills before you get your business going. For example, you might want to consider this course on financial translations from English into Spanish.


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