adoption of IFRS around the world

International Financial Reporting Standards Financial Translation

IFRS Financial Translation

adoption of IFRS around the world

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The International Financial Reporting Standards, also known by its acronym IFRS, are the international standards on accounting and financial activities . It has a global impact on all types of corporate documents (financial statements, audit reports, corporate agreements and contracts…). Currently, over 120 countries require or permit IFRS for public companies, with even more countries expected to transition to IFRS in the coming years. So translators who understand IFRS will enjoy expanded career opportunities as the momentum to require IFRS spreads around the world.

In this webinar we will discuss the translation and adaptation of the most important international finance regulations. These rules appear in countless legal and financial translations, and are essential for tackling the financial and corporate law translations as a whole. knowledge of IFRS is a fundamental core competency for translators specializing in business, finance or corporate law.

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