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Masterclass Date: September 9/25/2020

cryptocurrencies for translators

✓ Specialise in a profitable and growing sector

✓ Learn new ways of earning money as a translator

✓ Find out how to make clients in this sector

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Blockchain for translators

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Have you heard of Bitcoin? How about Ethereum? Does the blockchain, the technology on which cryptocurrencies and so many things are based, ring a bell? The blockchain revolution has officially begun. A whole new world of open innovation and finance is blooming and booming. Big business giants from Microsoft to J.P. Morgan are getting behind it. There are thousands of companies and start-ups dedicated to this promising technology that need to translate hundreds of documents to different languages, from white papers to their own websites and APPs. As you know, specialization is a must for translators, and since you are here, why don’t specialize in one of the most promising technologies. Have a look for free. Take this free of charge masterclass and you will discover a whole new world of opportunities that go beyond the boundaries of your imagination.You may even find new ways of making money as a translator. Would you like to become one of the first translators specializing in this emerging and potentially unlimited field? Then, welcome to the future. Get started with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Send me an email to explaining the reason why you want to take this free Masterclass and I will send you a private link to the masterclass. There are limited places!

This masterclass is intended for:

Translators and Interpreters
Translators specializing in Business and Finance
Translators specializing in new technologies

Masterclass Contents

What is the Blockchain?
What are cryptocurrencies?
How to specialise in Blockchain Translation?
How can I get clients in this industry?
Are there other ways of making money out of the Blockchain apart from translating?

Bio: Marcel Solé is a financial translator, proofreader and trainer. He holds a Higher Technician diploma in Marketing, Finance and International Trade and obtained an International Certificate in Financial English and a Certificate of Proficiency in English (University of Cambridge, Cambridge English). He also obtained a Diploma in Financial Translation from English to Spanish with honors. Marcel has worked ten years as a teacher, translator for translation agencies, outstanding business schools —listed among the top 25 by Financial Times and the Economist— and publishing companies. He has been training translators, interpreters and financial professionals over the last years. Marcel is also the author of the blog

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