Facebook is looking for people who speak multiple languages in Barcelona

Facebook has chosen Barcelona as its global hub to tackle fake news

Individuals who speak several languages may be interested in using this skill to find a job at Facebook, after it has been made public that the social networking giant has chosen Barcelona as its global hub to fight fake news.

Facebook has chosen one of the most popular cities in Europe to set up a large center for controlling fake news, which are harmful to the social network.The spread of fake news or misinformation across Facebook is driven largely by human bias. In addition, fb users also like to read and share stories that confirm their own feelings even if these stories contain deceitful claims and allegations.

They will settle their new hires in the Glories tower, or Agbar tower, an emblematic skyscraper, where some 500 people will be working to monitor content shared by more than 2 billion users worldwide.

The staff selection process is already under way through the recruitment agency Competence Call Centre. They are looking for thirty different profiles, with community manager skills and who master several languages, such as French, Italian, Danish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese , Spanish, Catalan…

CCC Job Offers (Facebook Barcelona)

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